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Welcome to our property sourcing section

We can offer you a tailored Property Sourcing Solution:

Regardless of where you are at on your property journey, whether you are at the initial stages of considering property investment or a seasoned investor wishing to grow an existing portfolio, we are able to assist you with your personal needs and requirements. The sourcing services we offer provide a consistent level of investment, in the rightful and most

suitable areas, to ensure an effective means of yield and capital growth, in line with your own individual requirements, targets and exit strategies.

We will provide due diligence and ensure you the confidence of a hands-off approach where


  • Our core intention is to source a lead to suit your requirements, qualify, negotiate and secure your investment, whether cash funded or a combined deposit and mortgage, based on your budget. 

  • Our services include a variety of property investment strategies, with the most popular being the typical buy to let, along with buy-refurb-refinance (BRR) and buy to sell (“flip”) all of which can be discussed in accordance with your personal requirements.

  • Our property finding strategies are constantly maintained & consist of multiple campaigns, to include direct to vendor, estate agents, social media, online marketing, leafleting, networking events and more. 

  • Achieving the correct and most suitable investment in your chosen area can be and generally is a massive task, searching through the particulars of hundreds of properties on the open market, is a time-consuming labour-intensive exercise.

So, unless you are an expert in your area…the personal choices you rely on can easily go wrong. Therefore precise, accurate, realistic due diligence is absolutely essential to your investment choice.

Our aim is to save you the time and efforts involved in achieving your property investment requirements, along with picking up those deals in advance of being available to the open market.

Working alongside Villabela Properties Limited we have the extensive background and knowledge of the North Tyneside – Newcastle upon Tyne rental and property market, as we dominate our ground to ensure our personal choices do not easily go wrong.

With our on the ground expertise, we know...

- Where to buy and what to buy...

- Which properties and areas perform well...

- Which properties and areas do not perform well...


Please get in touch via the CONTACT FORM and we will respond as soon as possible.

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